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Airport Transfers Bournemouth to West London areas 

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Since 2000 we have supplied an ongoing service. We still get excited by new developments, we hope this site helps inform you of some of the travel info.The site is  under development for our loyal customer base, we hope you like our newest look

NEWS Flash

2017 Great News:-
So the final stages of the SMART project on the M3 has come to an end. with theexception of the road over the M3 after Camberly.Why does it take so long to achieve so little, whats dificult about a short road bridge?
 Its been very difficult for users for over 2.5 year.
However it is now open, but still suffers with breakdowns and accidents which without the hard shoulder almost puts us back in the situaton before the work was done.
How much did the road works cost?
How much additional cost in lost time and ware on our vehicles during the 2.5 year? Ive no idea.
But it it must be approching a Billion.
Lets hope after at least 18 years of fiddling about with the M3 from Camberley through to the M25 we can have a break from all the hold ups for a year or so. Im worn out and so are my cars.
I suspect every other commuter feals the same. 

2012 - M25 below A3 junction speed restrictions now lifted on completion of the new service station on the M25 motorway

CONGESTION @ GATWICK DROP AREAS:-July 2013 Because less reputable taxi companies ignore the rules at Gatwick and to avoid congestion for customers being dropped off at Gatwick.


The authorities at Gatwick airport will not allows taxis and private hire or the public to pick up customers from the drop points at Gatwick North and South- so all operators will be charged to use the car parks. Prices start from £3.0 for 30 mins to £6.0 for the first hour and so on. 

Posted 2016-17

What a great summer after a bitter winter and poor Easter

Have a lovely Autumn break or half term - then make sure you book us early for Christmas travel requirements- don't leave it too late in 2018-

Mild winter but historical record breaking rain in 2012 ment some major road and rail problems but nothing at Heathrow or Gatwick airports

See local BBC news for weather forecast on the roads ,rail, air. at

October 2011 useful updates

Gatwick Airport North Terminal to South Terminal Mono rail now back in action. Drop off area also changed at Gatwick North & South - very congested- pound coin required per trolly- be prepared -also car parking cost have gone up again.

The BIA - Hurn-Bournemouth International Airport Departures terminal is now operational The long awaited new arrrivals hall is now open for business summer 2011- note charges of £2.50 to drop off by any vehicle. BIA is owned by Manchester Airport authorities

posted 07 Nov., 2011

charges for dropping off and picking up have now been introduced by Manchester Airport authoritie who own BIA

RyanAir have pulled out of Bournemouth over the winter of 2010-2011, alternative airports by Car Link Air available form this site. not sure what they are doing this winter?

Snow shut Gatwick airport for two days 2-3ed of December 2010

Snow shut Southampton airport 2nd December 2010

Book your transport to the airport for Xmas now to avoid disappointment

Posted 10/12/16

Last Minute Savings on travel from / to Heathrow from Bournemouth


Posted 08/01/10updated 101216

News- For weather conditions in the South try the sites and the various airline web sites sites ie & etc.,

Posted 15/11/09 News

-We pick up from most places such as:-Bournemouth, Christchurch, Ferndown, Poole, Wimborne, Broadstone, Wareham, Swanage, Weymouth, Ringwood, Lymington, Lyndhurst. East Dorset and West Hampshire 

Posted 15/11/09 News

- We go to most medium, longer distances areas such as:- Southampton, Airport, Docks, Winchester, Salisbury, Basingstoke, Reading, Hook, Fleet, Oxford, Exeter, Dorchester, Bristol, Heathrow, Gatwick, Luton, Brighton, West London, Hammersmith, Earls Court, Harley Street, Saint Pancras, Westminster, Waterloo, Richmond, Ascot, Cheltenham, Central London, Surrey, Wiltshire, Hampshire, Sussex, Dorset, Devon, Gloustershire, Wiltshire, Oxfordshire. etc., make enquiries 'on line' now

Posted 11/11/09 News update 07 Nov., 2011

New Terminal 2 progressing planned opening for 2012 Olympics

- The Queens Building at Heathrow Terminal 2 is due for demolition in November 2009 so make sure you check your Departure Terminals and Arrivals Terminal, you can check out details at on line before you leave home.

Posted 11/11/09 News

- M3 motorway contraflow 50 MPH average speed cameras in operation-due to end at Bracknell  by December 2009 after 4 years of on off work in the area.

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